Best Batteries for Golf Cart Reviews and Buying Guide

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A golf cart is as good as the quality of its batteries. Essentially many new golf cart owners may have the wrong idea that the right battery for the cart is the one that it came with.

However, nothing could be further from the truth as the best batteries for golf cart may be in replacement batteries.

There are better quality batteries out there that will possibly push the performance of your cart to optimum levels. It would be a shame having the best drives and shots only to walk for miles because the machine supposed to take you around the golf course has trouble starting.

Our Pick of Best Golf Cart Battery

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT

Well, finding a golf cart battery is not that complicated. You can get it anywhere, at any price. However, finding the best on the market is not as simple as it sounds. We have done the hard work to provide a list of some of the best batteries that you will find anywhere for your cart – aren’t we the greatest?

Any of the five golf cart batteries would make a decent choice but Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT is the real deal.

Well, many people will balk at the high price tag, but since when did top-quality come on the cheap? One of the common questions that new golf battery owners ask is ‘how long do golf cart batteries last?

We have another article on the issue, but when you have a good quality battery like this one, the durability of the batteries will not be an issue.

GPL-4CT is one battery any survivalist or DIYer would be proud of owning. It is low maintenance and has one of the best discharge rates you will find anywhere. It charges easy and lasts longer than most batteries you will find.

Top 5 Golf Cart Battery Reviews

As an ardent golfer, you will need a golf cart that matches your skills, taking you around the golf course.

However, a golf cart is nothing without a decent battery. The quality of your cart’s battery can be the difference between a good round of golf or a sluggish one.

The following are some of the top batteries on the market. Have a look! – and you are welcome!

UPG UB12350 (Group U1) Battery – Universal Battery

UPG UB12350 (Group U1) Battery - Universal Battery - 12V 35Ah - 2 Pack

When the time comes to get a replacement battery for your golf cart, you need something reliable to take you the distance.

Well, there are not many batteries that can quickly match the quality of the original one that came with the cart, but this is a special product. For starters, it is quite versatile and is sufficient for several applications.

That means you can use the batteries not only to power your golf cart batteries, but also others like a wheelchair, scooters, and bikes. And if you are using solar panels in your household, these will hold sufficient power to take you through the night.

The batteries will fit well in the majority of golf carts. You will, therefore, not need to go from one store to the next searching for the ideal batteries. Another important factor that makes these batteries ideal is that they are maintenance-free.

That makes it ideal for those people that feel adding distilled water into it and checking the level of the electrolyte is too much work. The battery is non-corrosive and has a fiberglass mat.

It features microfiber separators that demonstrate efficiency in capturing electrolytes. It has flexible connections on the top and side for enhanced strength and durability. As a result, the battery provides the best power and value to match the top battery brands with a higher price tag.

They are fast-charging batteries, taking between four and five hours. You will not need to wait for too long to get back to another round of golf. It also features sufficient protection against over-voltage, overcharges, overload, and short circuit to enjoy uninterrupted power supply and safety.

Other properties that make it durable include ABS plastic shell that gives the battery sufficient durability. It is shatterproof and will not crack under bumpy rides. The slow discharge rate is enough to make any golfer rejoice since the chances of getting a low charge are minimal.

For safe operation, the battery is spill-proof, no matter the position. Some batteries are always a safety risk. It is also vibration resistant, which is another good thing to have on such a compact battery.

The vibration resistance makes it ideal for such applications as scooter power. It is a good UPS backup, personal boats, ATVs, motorcycles, toy cars, alarm systems, and emergency lighting.

Another great thing is that you can only get the battery from respected providers. As such, the chances of getting a low-quality unit are minimal. You get your money’s worth.


  • 35 AH 12V replacement battery
  • 68 by 5.16 by 7.13 inches in dimensions
  • Two pieces
  • A deep cycle battery
  • Brand new
  • SLA battery
  • 15 pounds
  • 600 cycle life


  • A versatile battery that you can use for a variety of applications
  • Relatively affordable
  • Quality and durable battery
  • Will fit well in the majority of golf carts
  • Will easily take the shock from bumpy rides
  • A maintenance-free battery
  • Has a durable ABS plastic covering
  • The battery is spill-proof
  • Vibration resistant
  • Quality to match the top brands
  • Only respected and trustworthy providers supply this battery
  • A short time charging
  • Sufficient protection against such instances of overload, overcharge, and short circuit


  • Will lose the ability to hold a charge after a period
  • Discharge should never go below 50%
  • Some users say that they drain quickly

Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 – 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery

Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 - 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery Replaces 33Ah, 34Ah, 36Ah brand product

It is another reliable and compact and one of the best 12V golf cart batteries to power your golf cart through the golf round without the embarrassing low power situations.

Typically, this Mighty Max battery has all the right features to make your battery cart comfortable. The battery is maintenance-free, and there is no dealing with the hassle of refilling and checking the electrolyte level – it is what we refer to as a painless use.

It also features a long-lasting performance, and you would not require finding a replacement any time soon – a good investment. The battery is mountable on any position, adding to the options on how you can install it. It is vibration and shock-resistant.

You can use your cart on any terrain without worrying that the battery will disconnect after several bumpy rides. It is quite versatile to fit a variety of applications including your favorite outdoor activities such as boating, kayaking, and even scooter. For those that need the ideal battery for solar applications then they need not look any further than Mighty Max.

Your camping is fun when you have this battery since it will keep all your gadgets fully charged. There’s no need to go camping if you can’t enjoy some music in the bush when the stories die down – for some of us.

One of the highlight features that make it perfect for the outdoors is its portability. It is relatively lightweight and more comfortable to move with around. Mostly, the battery is about a quarter of the weight and a half size of your conventional batteries.

The battery has a sturdy build featuring a calcium-alloy grid, for longer-lasting and optimal performance. It also features an absorbent glass mat that ensures corrosions and leaks never occur, and you can focus on riding the cart minus the worry associated with maintaining the battery.

It will withstand a variety of temperatures, reducing your worries when the temperatures become too high. The thicker plates allow deeper discharges, allowing you to use the cart for longer. Unlike other cheap batteries that take forever to charge, Mighty Max charges quite fast – up to five times more quickly.

And if you are not using the batteries for some time, then you are better off with Mighty Max. It discharges much slower than the others, thereby extending its life. The battery is among the few charger-friendly units you will find.

That means you can use any charger at the golf course should the battery run dry before reaching home.

Safety features include a valve regulator to provide an avenue for buildup gases to escape. The feature also prevents any possible battery damage.

The unit comes with a 30-day refund agreement meaning that you can get your money back should the battery prove to be below expectations. And what’s even better, there’s a one-year warranty – buyers couldn’t have better peace of mind.


  • 35 AH 12V SLA battery
  • Maintenance-free
  • A spill-proof battery
  • A high rate of discharge


  • A maintenance-free battery
  • Spill-proof battery
  • Features an intense discharge capability
  • An extended service life
  • The battery is mountable on any position
  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • Comes with a 30-day refund policy
  • A multifunctional battery
  • A calcium-alloy grid for high performance and sturdy build
  • Absorbent glass mat ensuring corrosion and leaks are no longer a problem
  • The battery is lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a valve regulator to prevent possible battery damage
  • Easily takes high temperatures
  • Thicker plates for deeper discharges
  • Charges faster and discharges much slower


  • Does not come with a wire harness and other connectors
  • It is not the ideal replacement for a powerful battery

VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery

VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery: High Capacity & Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Battery for Golf Carts, Solar Energy, Wind Energy.

VMAXTANKS is among the most long-lasting deep-cycle batteries you will come across. Typically, the unit has a decent lifespan of between 8 and ten years – couldn’t get better than this. It also features the absorbed glass mat technology that entirely contains the electrolyte for efficiency and safety.

As a result, there are no contaminants in the electrolytes, typical of some battery varieties. It has heavy-duty grids for durability. In particular, the battery has lead-tin alloys, durable and to ensure optimal performance in either cyclic or float applications, despite frequent high discharges.

The battery is also maintenance free allowing you to focus on riding the golf cart without the constant worry of spills and corrosions. It also means that you will not need to keep checking for the particular gravity of the solution and adding distilled water as is the custom with other batteries.

VMAX battery is especially ideal for those people that use a golf cart on a regular basis. It is also an excellent choice for those that need a heavy-duty and portable renewable power storage unit.

Another amazing information that it is maintenance-free, and so any golfer or outdoor activity enthusiast will find it as the best companion.

It will not demand constant electrolyte checking and refilling, and will also not require extra careful handling. The battery is perfect for a variety of motor-operated uses such as solar power, golf cart, scooter, and wind energy appliances. It is lighter and quite portable in comparison to other lead-acid batteries making it one of the best camping tools you can have.

The battery comes with 30-days money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your current purchase. There’s a further one-year exchange warranty to protect you from defects and the like further.

However, as is with all AGM batteries, you will need to be careful with the charger you use. Make sure you are using the right one to avoid issues. A few reviewers reported encountering challenges when they used standard chargers.

Another shortcoming is its durability. Yes, the batteries are top range units, but there have been a good number of cases where users reported their purchased replacement batteries going bad even after following the instructions for optimal performance and life.

A good number of users point out that batteries die a short period after the warranty period – not a good thing apparently. They begin to lose charge gradually, and eventually, die with time. There often challenges trying to make the manufacturer honor the warranty terms, and when they finally give in, they offer an exchange, rather than a refund.


  • 5 x 7.3 x 11 inches in dimensions
  • Maintenance-free replacement battery
  • 30-days money-back and a one-year exchange guarantee
  • 225AH
  • AGM battery
  • 6V


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Absorbed glass mat technology for efficiency and safety
  • No contaminants in the electrolyte
  • Has heavy-duty grids for durability
  • Lead-tin alloys for high performance
  • It is a maintenance-free battery
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and an additional one-year exchange guarantee
  • Usable on a wide variety of applications
  • Lightweight and portable, and thus ideal for outdoor applications


  • May not be a slow discharge battery as the manufacturer claims
  • You will need to use only the recommended charger
  • The batteries have a reputation for dying just past the warranty period
  • May have challenges with getting the manufacturer to honor the warranty terms

Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105

Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105

Trojan batteries have a reputation that exceeds them many times over, based on their top quality units and excellent customer service. Without sugarcoating, Trojan is at the top in the market of golf cart deep cycle batteries.

The batteries have the most extended life in comparison to others on the market. However, there’s a downside. You need to ensure regular maintenance.

You need to regularly check the level of the electrolyte, refill with distilled water if necessary and clean any spilled acid.  Well, this might seem like a hassle for some users, but it is all worth it. The little maintenance requirement is a small price to pay for optimal performance and durability, characteristic of Trojan batteries.

Regardless, Trojan golf cart batteries are multifunctional, and you can use them on a variety of applications such as electric cars, golf carts, scooters, and solar power storage. They are also an ideal outdoor accessory for those going out camping. They feature easy and quick charging, and you will not have to wait for too long to get a full charge and get back to the game.

These batteries utilize the latest technology in deep cycle cells to keep any possible degradation at bay. It is therefore ideal for mobile equipment that demands a high amount of power on a consistent basis. They also offer the best amp output every hour.

The batteries provide a constant flow of power to run your machinery and perform other activities as is necessary. Trojan T-105 is one battery that you can comfortably refer to as reliable – it is not many batteries that can fit in this category.

And at 64 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight batteries you will come across which makes transportation easier. The quality control is top of the range with more than 200 inspection points. That means chances of landing poor quality batters are minimal – the numerous inspection points set the brand above the rest, easily.

The battery incorporates T2 technology, the best in the industry for optimal energy, performance, and life. At 50% DOD, the T-105 can achieve 1200 cycles while 80%, it can reach 800 cycles.

The T-105 has one of the best warranty terms you will find, to protect you from any defects, even though rare. The warranty is 36-months long – not too bad. Well, if you are looking for something to give you a decent amount of service, then you might as well look no further than Trojan T-105.


  • Voltage 6V
  • FLA battery
  • 3 x 7.1 x 10.8 inches
  • 62lbs weight
  • Life cycles 750
  • A 36-month warranty


  • A battery from a top brand
  • Quality and durable golf cart battery
  • Long life batteries when maintained appropriately
  • A multifunctional battery
  • Easy and quick charging
  • High-tech deep cycle cells to prevent possible degradation
  • A top of the range quality control and assurance
  • Incorporates a T2 technology
  • Comes with a 36-month warranty


  • Maintenance is necessary
  • There are still lighter batteries than this one

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT

There is nothing that shouts quality better than the ‘Made in the USA’ label. You see, the quality control in the country is better than most, and that is a source of assurance that you are getting the best unit to power your golf cart.

It is ideal for a variety of applications including a golf cart, RV, and solar power storage. And if you are going out camping, this battery is quite fitting. It is relatively lightweight and stores sufficient power for a full round of golf.

The battery has an astonishing discharge rate of 2% per 25 degrees centigrade – a leading mark if you understand what this figure means. The discharge rate means a more prolonged use on the golf course and when in storage. Your golf cart will effortlessly outdo every other car in the golf course by running long without the need for recharging.

And the DIYers out there that are using solar power in their boat can finally say that they have a reliable battery pack. Any boater knows how much important reliability is in a battery. It can be the difference between survival and getting stranded.

There are several requirements that you need to fulfill to get the best out of your battery. For example, avoid depleting it more than 50%, and always charge it fully. Don’t be in a hurry to charge, give it time and it will serve you pretty well.

Use high-quality cables, such as the welding cables. Regardless, the batteries will take abuse quite well – sometimes we are not able to stick to the rules, always. You a need a battery, sufficiently rugged to take any abuse, any day, and Lifeline is as true to its name as it can get.

With this unit, you don’t need to do any cleanup since there are no acid spills. The low internal resistance ensures that you are getting the best power output. It is a low maintenance battery, which makes it a joy to have and use.

Among the shortcomings include the fact that the batteries are quite pricey. But what do you expect from a top-quality battery? It is also not the most powerful battery you will find, despite its price tag.


  • Voltage 6 volts
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 x 7.1 x 9.9 inches


  • Top-quality battery
  • A relatively lightweight battery for portability
  • Has the best discharge rate and will outlast other carts on the golf course
  • No clean up required
  • One of the most reliable batteries on the market
  • Long-lasting
  • Low internal resistance for optimum power output


  • They are quite expensive in comparison to the other on the market
  • Does not have clear warranty terms

What Kind of Batteries are in a Golf Cart?

Well, the battery is one of the most important components in a golf cart. It can determine whether you have a good day at the golf course or a terrible one. To put this in perspective, the golf cart batteries are like the fuel tank in your automobile.

Like any other product, you will come across; there are various types of golf cart batteries you can choose from. But please note that they are different from each other, and only a particular variety is ideal for your golf machine.

Lead Acid Battery – Deep Cycle

These are relatively large and have variable capacity. They have two cells and a blend of water and sulfuric acid. Since their invention, the lead-acid batteries are economical, as well as, low maintenance. 

They are quite tolerant of high-level usage and ideal for the people that love to do things their way, matters maintenance. These batteries are cheap and easily accessible. The batteries are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations.

  • Flooded Lead Acid batteries are among the most modern and popular battery varieties. Typically, these battery varieties borrow the term flooded from the fact that the plates are entirely inside the acid solution. The level of the electrolyte fluid should always be above the plates. Typically, these batteries have a longer life than some of the other battery varieties and are easy to maintain. 

You only need to add some distilled water. The flooded lead-acid battery has a high rate of discharge and performs better in hot climates.

  • The AGM Lead Acid batteries are the newest generation in lead-acid To keep the electrolytes in their place, the batteries utilize a fiberglass separator – in a class of their own. These batteries hold sufficiently well against shock. They are spill-proof, as well as, vibration resistant.

The Absorbent Glass Mat batteries self-discharge very slowly and smoothly handle high temperatures. And unlike other batteries, these never need topping up with water and are easy to transport. The AGM batteries have minimal resistance and will not require high voltages to reach a full charge.

  • The Gel Lead Batteries, as opposed to other lead-acid batteries, utilize a thickening substance to hold the electrolytes in their place. They are quite strong and easily withstand the test of time and constant use.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

These are the newest and most advanced golf cart batteries and the most preferred for various applications. And like the lead-acid batteries, the Li-Ion batteries have cells.

When charging a Li-Ion battery, the ions oscillate between the positive and negative electrodes before storing the energy. They move back to the positive electrode to produce power.

The seemingly simple charging and discharging process results in up to 5000 battery cycles which extends usage and battery life. The batteries do not have any liquid and do not need the frequent filling and refilling that characterizes lead-acid batteries. There’s also no need to keep an eye on the liquid levels, which is quite a hassle.

Li-ion batteries are lightweight and compact. They, therefore, do not require a significant amount of space to function.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Battery for a Golf Cart

Gas/ Electric

There are typically two varieties of golf carts: gas-powered or electric-powered.

The power factor determines the right battery for you. And while the electric batteries are cheaper, they require more frequent charging than their gas-powered counterparts.

In most cases, charging after use, when retiring for the day or after every few days is sufficient. But there are benefits in choosing electric carts over gas types. Well, for starters, they demand minimal maintenance and are easy to use.

Regardless, determine whether your cart is electric or gas before a battery purchase. It would be a waste of time having to return it and going through warranty formalities, documentation and things like that.

Life Cycle

The life cycle of the battery is another important factor to consider before you can settle on a specific battery. You will eventually have to replace the battery one way or another. Choose the battery with the highest lifecycle.

It may be a little expensive than the varieties with lower lifecycles but since when did the lower-priced products prove better quality than the higher priced? Ideally, choose anything above 600 lifecycles to give you a decent amount of service.


Typically, we can have different uses for the golf cart, and that is a factor you should consider when choosing the ideal battery. If you are riding over rugged terrain, then your battery should have sturdy construction to safeguard against cracks. Also, invest in batteries with adequate protection against shortages – they will last longer.


You will notice particular figures such as amps and minutes stated on the battery specifications. Well, it matters a lot to pay attention to such figures. For example, a battery with 400 minutes and 20 amps mean that the battery is going to last for that long – 400 minutes when used 20 amps.

Ideally, you should choose higher amps and minutes but also keep in mind that a battery’s longevity so much depends on the number and amperage of the attached accessories. For example, if you are using a DVD player, headlights, as well as, others like GPS, the battery will naturally drain at a faster rate than the others.

Charging Speed

Regardless of the type of battery you are using, charging is an important process. Preferably, an ideal golf cart battery should not take forever to charge. You should never have to keep your opponents waiting because your cart has an insufficient charge even after charging continuously for hours.

It is critical that the battery maintains consistent power and speed regardless of the terrain or charge. Well, Li-Ion batteries, however, do not have this problem but lead-acid batteries are a different story altogether.

A low voltage on lead-acid batteries can slow down the cart and also has a longer charging time than its counterpart. A lithium-ion battery can take only a few hours to reach a full charge while the lead-acid takes about eight hours.

Your choice thus will depend on the total charging time you want to achieve and efficiency in purpose. So far, Li-Ion batteries seem a better option than lead-acid batteries. But then again, it is all a matter of the cart you are using.


There are different cable options on the market, and each golf cart variety utilizes specific cables. However, you should always determine your energy needs and then move from there. Choose your cables depending on the number of battery terminals you have on a particular battery.

The right cables will keep the batteries from cases of overheating.


When it comes to such products as batteries, never leverage the quality for a lower price. As they say, there is always a battery for the price you are willing to pay. Don’t settle for the cheap stuff you will find on the market as they will give you a reduced amount of service and prove expensive in the long run.

However, that does not mean you jump right into the most expensive product you will find. High price does not always indicate quality. The right way to go about it is to do a price comparison on different websites. Well, the price tends to vary across different vendors, even though it is the same product. It doesn’t hurt to check.

Check also the customer reviews on the product to determine customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that even pricey products can as well be poor quality.

Purchase from Established Vendors

To avoid problems, always purchase from reputable vendors. There are so many sellers of the same product, but not all of them can guarantee their quality or offer any after-sale support. Play it safe and purchase only from established vendors with a reputation for providing excellent customer service in addition to selling the right products.

Read the Fine Print

If you are dealing with reputable sellers, you may not need to worry so much about hidden charges and such kind of things. However, you will need to be wary of hidden costs such as shipping and the warranty terms. Read and reread all attached conditions and any other fine print to make sure you are buying the right thing at the right price.

New/ Used

A section of golf cart owners prefers purchasing used batteries in a bid to reduce the overall amount they spend on batteries. However, used batteries may not give the necessary level of service that you are after and will end up buying new batteries. The cost you were avoiding thus exceeds the amount of a new battery thus making a loss.

The adage, ‘cheap is expensive’ could not be more accurate when it comes to golf cart batteries. Stay away from poor quality and cheap batteries, and you will get good value for your money.


It is not all golf cart batteries you find on the market that are suitable for your cart. Different cart makers use different motors which require a particular variety of battery. It is, therefore, critical to think about compatibility before settling on a specific type of battery.

Buying an incompatible battery will not only negatively impact on the performance of the cart but also the life of the cart.

How to Test Golf Cart Battery

Testing your golf cart battery is a valuable exercise that helps maintain the battery at a reasonable level. However, you cannot use the same kit you use on your vehicle to test a golf cart’s deep cycle battery – they are entirely two different things.

There is sophisticated golf cart equipment you can use to test the cart battery accurately. Yes, it will cost a significant load of money, but it is all worth it. Alternatively, there are simpler ways to do it. It is not everyone that is ready to spend that kind of cash on testing equipment.

The digital voltmeter is an inexpensive device that costs around $20 and gives you the right voltage on a battery. Typically, a 12V battery will provide something above 12V on the meter while a 6V battery will also read the same.

However, if you get a lower voltage than the specified rating, then you might as well prepare to get a replacement. You are dealing with a dead battery. Make sure to charge the battery fully before the tests.

You can as well use a hydrometer to test the gravity of the battery. However, be extra careful when dealing with battery acid. Have the right safety clothing and equipment since acid burns are not something to joke about.

For safety precautions, don’t use the hydrometer right after charging the battery. Let it cool down. Typically, batteries produce hydrogen gas during the charging process, and it can be explosive if you are not careful.

The lead-acid battery typically used in golf cart batteries is usually an electrolyte solution with lead, lead oxide and plates. The solution generally is 35% hydrochloric acid and 65% water. The fundamental principle behind testing a battery’s gravity is that it increases as you charge the battery and decreases as you use it.

As the battery charges, sulfur deposits on the plates, thus reducing the gravity of the electrolyte solution, and the opposite is exact during charging. The actual gravity of the electrolyte depends on two main factors: the temperature and the water-acid ratio.

A drop in temperatures causes a contraction of the solution and a rise in its gravity. High temperatures expand the electrolytes causing a deviation from the water-acid ratio.

The gravity test is an excellent and way to determine the state of your golf cart battery. The reason is that the gravity decreases as the battery discharges relative to the ampere-hours. The gravity rises you recharge.

A hydrometer will give you the necessary gravity reading of the electrolyte solution and can thus determine if your battery is bad or not. The ideal gravity of a lead-acid battery is 1.265 at the temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Clean your Golf Cart Battery

One of the easiest ways of extending the life of your battery is by exercising proper maintenance habits. That includes effective golf cart battery cleaning techniques.

Most of the golf cart manufacturers avail battery cleaning instructions, and only a small section of them follow them to the letter. However, the following are some of the conventional procedure in how to go about cleaning your battery and extending its life.

The first step is purchasing the necessary safety clothing. You will be dealing with battery acid, and it is straightforward to get severe burns from it if you are not careful. There have been reports of exploding lead-acid batteries, and it is important to prepare for such eventualities.

A face mask, overall with long sleeves and rubber workshop gloves are sufficient in providing the necessary protection.

Ensure there easy access to running water. You will need it in case of emergencies where the acid spills on you. The running water will come in handy to neutralize the acid and avoid any accidents. Furthermore, you will require the water to blend.

Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water and spray it on the battery. Then utilize a hard brush to remove any dirt on it. The paintbrush will also work just fine.

However, if you are dealing with stubborn dirt, then you will need to spray the baking soda solution on it and giving it some time to work. Try brushing it off again.

Alternatively, you can spray water with a hose after letting the mixture of baking soda sit for some time. The strong water jet will remove any baking soda, as well as, the stubborn dirt. Use a towel to wipe the water off. The battery should now be clean.

Not perfect but still decent to say the least.


Who makes the best golf cart batteries?

That is one of the most common questions that you typically ask your local dealer when replacing a bad golf cart battery. The truth is that your local dealer may not tell the truth as their answer to this question will lean towards the brand that gives the most profit.

But in the majority of cases, the answer to this question is more than often a matter of opinion based on personal experience, as well as, other factors like what the friends say. Regardless, there are some top brands with consistently high performance.

Among the top brands that you will hear mentioned time and time again include Trojan Batteries. But like with all top established brands out there, these batteries are quite pricey – what do you expect from a product that packs a good punch? But how can you tell that Trojan is a good bet?

Well, for starters, golf cart users will tell you from personal experience. Many of the Trojan brand users leave rave reviews highlighting their satisfaction regarding the product. Most of them have tried other brands and can thus see the difference.

The trojan is among the few with exceptionally great batteries and backed by exceptional terms. You see, not many vendors will agree to give you a full two-year replacement, at least not that long. Don’t confuse this with the four-year limited wanted that comes with fine print detailing several conditions.

The US Battery is another decent brand in the golf cart batteries market. The brand is toe to toe with Trojan at the top but with a better price point than their counterparts. US Battery also has good warranties to protect your purchase.

Crown Batteries is not far off with their loyal following and customer base. The brand has an appealing track record of quality and boasts fantastic warranties. Even though may not be available nationwide, they are the kind of brand that you can rely on.

Which are some of the reasons for batteries going bad?

As mentioned, a bad experience with one brand can negatively impact on your trust for the brand. However, such knowledge does not mean that the specific brand has a track record of making poor quality batteries. Other factors may be responsible for making your batteries go bad.

Among these factors are poor maintenance habits. Typically, you will need to clean the batteries at least once a month. You will also need to charge the battery on a regular basis.

You see, leaving a battery on a discharged position is not the least bit ideal. It is the easiest way to diminish the life of your batteries. The sulfur deposits on the plates easily become permanent if left in that position for a long time, and charging becomes a problem.

The principle behind battery charging is that the sulfur in the acid attaches to the plate during discharge, thereby producing electricity. But when charging, these deposits detach and return to the solution. A full charge means that all these deposits are now back in the solution.

If you fail to recharge frequently after use, then you are negatively affecting the life of your battery. Another bad charging behavior is using the cart until you reach a full discharge. At such a time, only water remains in the solution; all sulfur is on the plates.

Frequent full discharges make the deposits on the plates. Permanent, reducing the charge capacity and thus the battery life.

Another possible factor that can affect the life of the batteries includes the type of charger you are using. For example, there are smart chargers in the market that use an algorithm to charge a particular battery efficiently. If you happen to change the battery with a different, then you might have to change the algorithm also.

Otherwise, an improper algorithm is likely to charge the battery excessively or below the requirements. As a result, the battery performance, as well as, the battery life will diminish.

Which are the golf cart batteries to stay away from?

As a rule of the thumb, stay away from those batteries you believe to be ‘too good to be true.’ You see, there are numerous vendors on the market with each one of them pushing to make a sale out of you. They use appealing marketing jargon but hardly live up to their claims.

Some of these batteries are quite appealing and come at a low price. You will often find them at departmental stores such as Costco. Ideally, stay away from the cheap stuff, and you will be okay.

Cheap batteries will, in the end, prove costly. As they say, cheap is expensive, always.

Another important thing to note when purchasing the batteries is the date stamp. The newer the battery is, the better it is. Old batteries that have stayed a long time in the stores are no good, and will not last you a long time if you purchase them.

Are golf cart batteries deep cycle batteries?

Before we answer that question, it is important to understand what deep cycle means. Typically, deep cycle batteries can be deeply discharged, which is in contrast with starter batteries. In other words, you can use up most of the battery capacity without any significant impact on its life.

Starter batteries, like the ones you find in your automobile deliver high-current and short bursts to start a vehicle. That means they only give a small discharge of their capacity. You can use a deep cycle battery to crank your vehicle, but you would need a large battery.

The golf cart batteries are deep cycle, designed to discharge up to 75% of their capacity depending on the brand. The battery plates on deep cycle batteries are thick and have a higher density than those on their counterparts, the starter batteries.

It is important for the golf cart batteries to be a deep cycle to ensure that it keeps the charge for longer. A high depth of discharge ensures the battery maintains a consistent rate to power the cart throughout the day.

The term cycle also refers to the constant charging and recharging typical of renewable storage units.

How many batteries do you need for a golf cart?

The number of batteries on a golf cart varies across models and power needs of each. For example, one golf cart model may do well with four batteries assuming that the power demands are not so much while another may be sufficient with eight.

Another factor that goes into determining the number of batteries includes the voltage of each. There are a36V and a 48V drive in a golf cart. To determine the voltage of your cart, you will need to find the compartment of the battery, and count the number of holes in the battery and multiply it by two.

Typically, each of these holes is 2V.

How many times should you recharge a golf cart battery?

Golf courses charge their batteries after every round of golf – 18-holes round and take about five hours to a full charge. One 8-hole round is about 18000 yards of golf cart movement.

However, you should also charge individually-owned golf carts after a round of golf. And depending on the weight carried and the tertian, a golf cart should easily travel a total of six miles with a single charge.

Golf carts are a favorite in retirement communities for easy mobility. A typical cart with a passenger capacity of two can attain a speed of five miles per hour on level ground. Not bad.

Regardless, these street golf carts will require charging after using for about four hours. Nobody fancies getting stranded. 

How do you prolong battery life?

Ideally, you should always charge fully before taking the golf cart out.  It may take several hours but that it is all worth it if you want to get the best from your golf cart.

You will also need to frequently check the level of the water in every cell at least every month. Fill it with distilled water if it is not sufficient. Don’t exceed the plate level to avoid problems.

If the electrolyte solutions get too high, it will erode some of the adjacent parts.

How long does it take to charge an electric golf cart?

Well, the amount of time it takes to charge the battery depends on several factors, and among them is the level of discharge. The quality of the charger, as well as, that of the battery matters significantly. For example, if you are using a lightweight charger and have old batteries, then it would take longer than when you have a heavy-duty charger and relatively new batteries.

Wrapping Up

The best golf cart batteries add some efficiency and joy to your golf game. They give you an edge over your peers as they give your golf cart that touch of reliability. Your game does not have to stop because of low charge.

Well, a battery like Trojan T-105 is an excellent choice and is of course among the best. However, if you are looking for a truly reliable, quality and low maintenance battery, then Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT is the best choice, any day.

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