How to buy the Best Gas Golf Carts: Buying guide of 2024

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Assuming that you are a good golfer or a budding one for that matter, you need a golf cart to help you move around the expansive golf course property.

Yes, it’s fun to have some of the best drives and shots, but it’s not so much fun having to track them by foot.

There is a bunch of reasons to own the best gas golf cart including that it’s so much fun cruising around with it.

A decent quality golf cart is an excellent investment if you live in the golfing communities or have an expansive piece of property. It is easy to ride and maintain, not demanding a lot of input.

Top 5 Gas Powered Golf Cart Brand Reviews

Pinpointing the right product among many can sometimes be quite tasking. It means going through the products descriptions of many carts and shortlisting them, which is no mean task. Fortunately, we have done the donkey’s work to review the best gas golf cart brands you will find anywhere.

So who makes the best golf carts?

Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha is no stranger when it comes to golf carts. They are an exceptional brand that has been around for some time and has some good experience to show for it. As such, the brand has a number of models in the market giving the customer a wide selection to choose from.

Their first golf cart hit the US market in 1978, but a bit later than the others. It was a 2-cycle engine cart. A year later, the brand released their first electric model and they continue releasing newer and better models.

Yamaha has gone a bit further and introduced electronic fuel injection into their gas varieties, which has helped reduce the noise. They have among the quietest gas golf cart. Even though not as smooth as electric, it is a good improvement. And to give credit where it’s due, Yamaha is among the leading makers of gas golf carts. Well, it is not far behind Club Car.

Among the innovative features that their golf carts boast include the rain drain system that keeps your bags dry by guiding the rainwater from the roof to the struts.

Yamaha is not experts when it comes to electric golf carts. Their expertise is in engine building. Regardless, they have come up with an AC motor, better than that of EZ Go, and provide better performance climbing hills at a top speed of up to 19 MPH.


  • Among the best reasons to choose Yamaha over some of the others is their relatively quiet engine. Their innovative fuel injection technology reduces the noise from the gas engine to operate smoothly and better. The golf carts are a great addition to any golf course.
  • Yamaha is a reliable and widely trusted brand, and you can rely on them to deliver nothing but the best quality golf carts.
  • The brand is continuously innovating, and you can expect better quality cart models over time. Yamaha also boasts among the most significant electric motors that demonstrate efficiency, especially when it comes to hill climbing. 


  • Yamaha golf carts do not have a large variety of colors. Furthermore, they are not the best when it comes to electric carts – they are lagging behind.
  • Yamaha golf cart looks are standard and may not be the best in comparison to the others.


EZ Go Golf Carts

EZ Go Golf Carts

EZ Go is a premier golf carts brand, established in 1954, Georgia. They are the Ferrari in the golf carts market. EZGO introduced their first cart in 1954 and had gradually exceeded expectations to produce some of the best carts that the industry has to offer.

The manufacturer has several awards, among them the Shingo Prize. They continuously indicate operational excellence and use of innovation and technology to make carts that go beyond the expectations of users.

The EZ Go brand does not only deal in golf carts but also personal, as well as utility vehicles. The firm continues to innovate and use cutting edge technology in their golf carts. For example, the AC Drive feature in some of their latest models is a source of unmatched hill-climbing ability and energy efficiency.

EZ Go golf cart has some of the best and functional features like the parting brakes that engage every time the cart comes to a halt.

The brand boasts some of the best-designed carts, with a steel frame and other top quality accessories. EZGO carts are quite easy to maintain and are therefore a joy to own.


  • EZGO is a premier brand, and you can expect nothing but the best from them. EZGO carts have a reputation for durability and ruggedness, making them an obvious choice for various outdoors such as hunting.
  • The brand incorporates PDS technology making future upgrades a reality.
  • Their parts are not that expensive and are quite easy to come by. Numerous dealers make it easy to get the necessary parts and services. And apart from the smooth ride, EZGO come with a handful of exciting features and options. You can upgrade your standard looking cart into an electric cart – a great choice.


  • The EZGO steel bodies are not the best, especially in the humid coastal areas. They easily corrode.
  • Their performance on hilly terrains is less than satisfactory. EZGO golf carts struggle on steep roads, and you may need to upgrade the controller, which will also cost you.
  • Many users also complain of a short shift that makes your task even harder.

Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car is another brand that prides in making golf carts to the satisfaction of users. They continue to innovate and lead the way while others follow. Innovative features are a standard in every cart model. For example, Club Car is the first to produce connected golf carts, where a single system connects the whole fleet and provides the user with such options as score tracking.

The brand prides itself as being among the first to release street legal golf carts.

Club Car carts feature aluminum frames that guarantee durability, rust resistance, and lightweight. They also come with improved power to negotiate hilly terrains with relative ease. They are the hill masters.

The carts also have other features that make your driving experience such a joy. They have better-balancing speed, speed controls among other features for comfortable rides around the golf course. They also have an online feature that allows buyers to customize their ideal golf cart.

Club Car does not only focus on golf carts that you can only use on the golf course but also carts for various industries such as transportation, turf, and hospitality.


  • Club Car carts utilize lightweight, durable and rust resistant frames. As a result, they are ideal for a variety of weathers and regions. For example, these golf carts can do reasonably well in south coast areas where their steel frame counterparts will struggle to hold it together.
  • The carts come parked with sufficient power to deal with hills like child’s play. They are, therefore, ideal for a variety of terrains, in and outside the golf courses.
  • Different Club Car models offer varying features such as different seaters ranging from two to eight. You will, therefore, find your ideal cart.
  • There are various models made explicitly for various industries such as the hospitality and turf. Furthermore, they are ideal for those that hit the outdoors frequently. For example, Club Car carts make efficient hunting carts to utilize on hilly terrains comfortably.
  • Their stock motors are not only some of the most powerful but also go a long time. Club Car carts also boast smooth suspension for easy drives.
  • Well-maintained Club Car carts will quickly push the service years to over two decades. The brand is one to last for a long time.


  • Various users of Club Car gas models complain of the stuck clutch, affecting their efficiency. Furthermore, their parts are a bit on the high side compared to their peers.
  • And because of the significant power required to run these models, Club Cars can have more of battery-draining action than other brands. The batteries may, therefore, have durability issues if you fail to practice good maintenance habits.

GEM Carts


GEM is a manufacturer of street-legal carts and utility vehicles. They boast some of the most hardworking and rugged street legal vehicles. Typically, their street legal carts outdo most of the other brands regarding power.

GEM carts have some of the best comforts features such as comfortable seats, superior suspension, heater, and optional doors. The safety features on these carts include street rated tires, safety belts on every seat and wheel disc plates.

Another feature that will excite people worried about global warming is that it utilizes electric power. It does not leave a carbon footprint or harm the environment in any way.

The GEM vehicles are street legal in all the states. That means you can drive them on all the roads with a speed limit of at least 35MPH. Depending on the installed battery technology, the low-speed vehicles can go as far as 100 miles at 25 mph.


  • GEM street legal carts have some of the best features that make the cart rugged and durable. They can handle any terrain, whether rough or smooth, quite well. You can move from one job site to the other flawlessly.
  • With cushioned comfortable seats, superior suspension, heater, and optional doors, you can be sure that you are getting a comfortable vehicle. There’s nothing wrong with having all the comfort that you possibly can as you cruise the neighborhood with a drink on your hands.
  • They also come with the necessary safety features such as wheel disks and seatbelts. These ensure that you are safe even as you ride.
  • The carts utilize clean battery power without any harm to the environment. Another associated benefit includes minimal noise. They are quiet and suitable for various institutions and organizations that regard silence in highly.
  • GEM street legal vehicles have an exceptionally high hauling capacity. They can carry to the tune of 1250lbs quite easily.
  • The vehicles are also quite customizable, and you can get the features and other options that you love so much in a cart.


  • The street legal carts may not be ideal for golf courses. Instead, they are what anyone that needs a great cart for hauling equipment and traveling relatively long distances would want. It might seem like overkill for golf courses.
  • The GEM vehicles are also a bit more expensive than golf carts, but all worth the investment.

Custom Golf Carts by ACG

ACG has a wide variety of custom low-speed vehicles, electric golf carts, and neighborhood electric vehicles. The company that started off as a supplier of innovative body modification tools, and eventually a component car manufacturing firm, is now a leader at making custom golf carts and low-speed vehicles.

Their golf carts boast car like features that you would not find in your ordinary golf carts. Specifically, they carry the design of regular vehicles but are smaller for use in golf courses.

The California Roadstar is among their most popular models with high-end features like chrome wheels, chrome mirrors and color matched body. It can reach a speed of 25MPH, making them a decent choice to move to and from the golf courses.


  • The ACG golf carts come in innovative designs that anyone would love. They are quite unconventional and for people that want more than just golf cart that carries clubs. In other words, they are quite appealing to look at.
  • The golf carts and street legal vehicles from ACG are both quality and affordable. You don’t have to sweep your savings to acquire their innovative design vehicles.
  • Their bodies contain aluminum frames that are rust and corrosion proof. They are, therefore, ideal for a variety of weathers and regions such as the south coast where other golf carts would have a problem.
  • ACG golf cars feature a 45W AC motor, powerful enough to negotiate various terrains, and especially hills. The Roadster has an onboard converter that allows you to charge your mobile devices, effectively.
  • California Roadster is the only golf cart with a four-wheel braking system. The particular feature enhances your safety on the golf course and road. They are also available in a variety of options, and which is a good thing for anyone.


  • The unconventional design of ACG golf carts may not be a welcome feature in some golf courses. Some golf clubs pride themselves in uniformity and conventional methods of doing things.
  • They may not be available in most regions, and so getting their parts and accessories may prove a challenge.

Electric vs. Gas Golf Carts

You have been playing golf for some time, and you are entertaining the idea of owning a cart. However, you can’t decide whether to purchase a gas powered or the electric powered. In the following paragraphs, we compare the two to help you make the right decision.

Electric-Powered Golf Cart

With current awareness of global warming, the electrically powered devices have become quite popular. As such, the electric powered golf carts are more in use than their gas-powered counterparts. But what is this that makes them so popular?


  • Well, the most significant advantage of choosing the electric-powered over the gas-powered is their eco-friendliness. These guys do not have any emissions are ideal if you want to play your part in reducing global emissions. They also don’t make a lot of noise and fuss to attract the wrong attention.
  • The electric carts are also standardized and a lot cheaper than their gas cousins. Their cost of maintenance is also much affordable and more comfortable. They are a joy to have, especially for the guys that don’t like having to do too much in that regard – maintenance and stuff.


  • The primary issue with these electric-powered carts is in their power source. It is not quite reliable as gas. That means the battery can go flat in the middle of the road, leaving you stranded, and, of course, embarrassed.
  • There is a substantial possibility of such an issue happening with an old and depreciated battery. Further, charging the cart to take a significant amount of time. It may take up to five hours to fully charge the battery while only takes a few minutes to fill the gas tank and be back to having fun.

Gas-Powered Carts

These are not very popular, especially among golf courses. However, you will still find them in various places where there’s a need for the power they offer.


  • The gas-powered carts are typically for those after power and speed. The golf carts move faster, can carry heavier loads and are stronger than their counterparts. They can go longer distances and are thus ideal for large estates, companies, and institutions where there’s need to carry heavy goods for long distances.
  • Their relatively good speeds make them appropriate for use in roads where low speeds are legal. The gas-powered carts are also easy to customize and change the appearance as necessary. Installing various accessories for a great riding experience is possible.


  • The shortcomings of gas golf carts include the not-so-ecofriendly emissions that characterize them. They are also noisy and not ideal in neighborhoods where some peace and quiet is necessary. And something that most people would not like is that they require a bit of maintenance.
  • You will need to frequently change the oil, the spark plugs and filters among others. Furthermore, you will need to be extra keen on the type of gas you put into it.


What kind of gas does a golf cart take?

Typically, the gas-powered golf carts use gasoline, in the same way, that your automobile does. But there are a few differences.

First, the golf cart uses a simple system where it starts moving the moment you step on the accelerator and stops when you move your foot. There is no ignition and engine idling, and that helps conserve fuel, ensures low emissions and quieter golf course conditions.

Specifically, golf carts use unleaded gas, 87-octane, with less than 10% ethanol. The golf cart carburetor engine does not have the necessary capacity to handle fuels with high amounts of ethanol.

Ethanol diminishes the cart’s efficient combustion, leading to inefficient movement. Your vehicle is thus likely to stall and move in the manner that is unpleasant. Ethanol will also cause clogged carburetors and fuel filters, needing more maintenance and proving costly to run in the long run. You can prevent these problems by simply using the right fuel, unmixed.

Ensure that the area around the cap is clean and clear any debris that may fall inside the fuel tank.

What is the top speed of a gas golf cart?

The majority of golf carts easily attain a top speed of 19.9mph. However, there are still legal ways that you can increase this speed by increasing the wheel size. Alternatively, you can visit your dealer who would modify your cart’s governor and control.

But before you can increase the speed of the cart, make sure it is legal in your state to do so. Typically, it is illegal for a golf cart to exceed 25mph.

Spoiler title
Are electric golf carts better than gas?

Well, while the choice between gas and electric golf carts is a matter of personal choice and preferences, the electric golf carts can prove the better choice.

For example, they do not demand a high level of maintenance and are eco-friendly. They have no emissions and are quite affordable, unlike their gas-powered counterparts. You only need to recharge them to keep using them.

And while the gas-powered carts need more maintenance, they are more powerful to carry heavier loads and faster than the electric-powered carts.

What are the benefits of owning a golf cart?

For starters, a great golf cart is a real joy to own as it makes your movement from point A to point B so much easier. That is especially so if you live among the golfing communities, with villas and properties all around a golf course. A well-maintained golf cart with all the necessary features makes your life a little bit more fun, as you cruise around on a sunny day with a refreshing beverage on your hands.

Another reason that makes golf carts real fun is that they are easy to own and ride. A new cart costs only a few thousand while used can as well be a few thousand or even hundred depending on the condition. When you compare how much it will cost you to own a golf cart with how much you will pay for an automobile, we can safely declare that golf carts are the real savers.

Maintaining and using golf carts is what we can refer to as a breeze. It’s extra simple. A bit of oiling of the moving parts, cleaning, and other small basics will prolong the life of the carts.

That aside, the maneuverability of golf carts is something out of this world. You can negotiate any corners without having to overthink how to go about it. They are easy to operate and don’t require so much documentation and licensing that characterize other bigger automobiles.

And if you are the adventure type, you can make changes to the golf cart to compliment your indulgences. For example, you can install all-terrain tires, together with other rugged characteristics and be off to an outdoor adventure such as fishing, hunting or even camping. You can, as well add a cooler among other features and make your outdoor experience complete with fun and other perks.

Golf carts help the disabled and the elderly that have trouble moving around. Their ease of use makes them a real possession for the needy, and those with expansive properties.

Several businesses are starting to see the benefits of owning fleets of golf carts especially if they need to move goods and people around frequently. Some of the institutions that benefit include retirement homes, educational institutions, recreational grounds, farms, and country clubs.

Which are the critical golf cart maintenance areas?

The first critical area in golf cart maintenance is the battery. If left unchecked, the golf cart battery can corrode, and its life gets shorter or even proves a fire hazard. The primary battery maintenance factors include cleaning, checking the electrolyte level, refilling with distilled water if necessary and charging fully. You can check our article on golf cart battery charging and maintenance.

The uneven pressure in your tires wears them unevenly. Check the pressure on a regular basis, like monthly, and you will prolong their life. Scrutinize for any separation or cracking and any other indications that they need replacement.

Brakes are critical to any moving machine. Good working brakes prevent costly repairs and injury to the people on it. Make sure to adjust the brakes as is necessary, and maintain them in the right way.

Ensure that suspension and steering receive adequate servicing every year to safeguard from wear and tear. Fasten any loose parts on the steering system for efficient vehicle control, and most of all, safety.

Examine all the connections and power cables are tight, and in good working conditions for safety and efficiency. Loose connections can cause a host of problems for the user and can also lead to costly repairs and replacements.

The reverse buzzer is as important as any other part in the golf cart. It warns people to get off the way when backing up. Well, the golf cart may seem lightweight, but it still has enough weight and power to cause fatal injuries to bystanders.

All gas-powered carts should have their compression checked for any discrepancies and the oil changed on a regular basis. Occasionally change the oil filters, spark plugs, and the other parts, necessary for keeping the engine working optimally.

Why is it important to check the pressure of the golf cart tires?

The wheels together with other parts are responsible for keeping the cart moving. However, the wrong tire pressure and tread can easily cause numerous problems for you. See, the uneven tire pressure makes the cart harder to control and inefficient.

You use more gas or electric power than is necessary and continually put your life at risk. You would not fancy a wobbly golf cart on the main road where the more powerful cars and trucks are zooming past you at full throttle.

Ideally, check the tire pressure on a monthly basis and correct it if necessary. Too little is neither good nor is too much. An excess amount, above the manufacturers, recommended pressure, makes the ride stiff, uncomfortable and unstable.

Check for any uneven wear and tear and ensure that the wheel alignment is proper. Keep one established repair facility in the address book and visit them after every several months. [/sp_spoiler]

Is golf cart insurance necessary?

The difference between your golf cart and a fully-fledged automobile is the size, power and other features. Therefore, treat it the same way you do your vehicle.

Taking an insurance cover for your golf cart is the best decision you can make to protect yourself, others and your prized possession. In an accident, it can be quite expensive to repair, and it is not some cheap equipment that you can shrug off and replace if it were ever stolen.

If by accident, you were to injure someone, then the medical costs could be high, and unbearable. The wounded or the owner of the damaged property may sue for more than you are worth, leaving you at the brink of bankruptcy if not bankrupt.

Wise golf cart owners take insurance to protect themselves, others, and their prized possession.

Can golf cart traffic have a negative impact on the turf?

Riding your golf cart on wet turfs is not only risky for you as a result of skidding and slipping, but it is destructive on the grass. Cart traffic can cause long-term damage to the green and eventually, the playing conditions through compaction. Therefore, avoid riding your cart during wet conditions and respect any golf course turf policies, if in place.

The heat-stressed and dry turfs are also not the best for cart traffic. Riding on such grass will imprint straw-colored tire marks that take a long time to recover from.

You can reduce turf damage by always taking the path less-traveled. It is the cumulative impacts of many carts passing on the same area for a long time that negatively impacts on the grass.

Even better, you can contribute to turf health by walking more than you are riding. Well, walking is right for your health plus it will help conserve resources. You will also ensure better playing conditions for everyone.

What to Look for Before Buying a Gas Golf Cart?

Buying a gas golf cart is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you are an ardent golfer, or have a large estate. And even though people are moving towards more eco-friendly options, with Li-Ion battery-powered carts making up to 70% of the golf carts owned by people. However, that does not mean that they are reducing in popularity.

The gas golf carts are for people looking for that extra power that their electric counterparts are yet to reach. If then your preference is gas golf carts, then there are various factors to consider so that you can acquire among the best of them.

  • Warranty: good quality products come with a guarantee to protect the buyers. Check that your choice of golf cart has good warranty conditions. If anything, the warranty should be sufficient, something like two or one years long, to safeguard against instances of defects that the final inspection didn’t catch before the cart went up for sale.

 The longer the warranty period, the better it is for you.  However, be sure always to read the fine print. What does the warranty cover? What makes the warranty void? Different brands have different warranty terms and so make sure to check.

  • Budget: the price of golf carts vary across brands. Depending on the features and accessories you desire on a golf cart, it is always wise to do your shopping and chose the best-priced. Visit various dealer websites and make the necessary phone calls before, to determine who has the best deal out there before making any purchase decision.

 Read the reviews and see what other users are saying regarding the particular brand. What are its shortcomings? How the customer service is like and is it receptive? The manner in which the company treats you matters significantly.

  • Features and Customization: different brands boast different elements, and your choice should be by how you are going to use it. If it is only for occasional golfing, then you may not need to have so many features.

 Ideally, choose the cart that makes your task so much easier, and have some fun while you are at it. If there’s some customization, make sure it is by professionals. Wrongly installed features can be a primary source of problems.

  • Brand: sometimes, the brand is the best indicator of quality. As such, the established and respected brands always have the best products and customer service. Some of the best and reliable brands include Yamaha, EZ Go, and Club Car.

 Buying from established brands saves you from disappointments in the end. It prevents chances where you get the wrong quality and poor services. Naturally, you will know which among them is quality, and which is not based, on popularity.

In the majority of cases, good brands are all around, and owners have good sentiments regarding them. They also rake in rave reviews from satisfied customers.

What to look for before Buying Used Gas Powered Golf Carts?

Well, if you are looking to acquire a decent golf cart, but your funds are not so much, then you can always go for the used carts. Some of the benefits of going the secondhand way include better and additional features. See, the former owner may have installed various elements in your golf cart, and which you may like.

  • Dealer: it is usually better to purchase the cart from a dealer than from an individual as they are likely to have better terms. See, the dealer may add other features to the golf cart, as well as, improve its appearance.
  • Cart Features: just because the cart is not brand new does not mean that you should not expect to get some of the features that make it comfortable. If anything, such elements are necessary for comfort, convenience, and

 If your region experiences bad weather, make sure the cart has functioning windshields. Radio will also not be such a bad thing to have. Other comfort features to look out for include the seat material and foam. Check whether the headlights are functioning as they should, as well as, the mirrors and horns.

  • Budget: one of the main reasons to go for the used golf carts is the availability of funds. But that does not mean you will not find a good quality used a golf It all depends on the available funds.

 If you have a limited purse, then you might have to make do without certain features, and of course, reliability. A larger budget may get you more reliability, better seats, and other convenience features.

  • The condition of the Golf Cart: there are various things that you need to look for before you can close the deal with the checkbook. Among these include the condition of the tires. Mostly, the tread should be decent, and there should not be any visible damage.

 The canopy should also be in decent condition with no dents and holes. It should not be loose or show any signs of rusting. The body is the first thing that onlookers see, and it should be in good condition, without rust, dents, fading or even scratches.

Remember to check the battery, and especially the year of manufacture. The newer the battery is, the better it will be. It will function well without any troubles or issues.

  • Brand: some brands are of high quality and will go for many years without reaching a point where replacement is necessary. Whether you are buying new or a used golf cart, don’t overlook the brand, and if you have a choice, choose the better and established brand.

 However, better brands will mean parting with additional cash, but that will be well worth it. A cart is an investment, and it is wise to invest in something that will afford you the right amount of service.

  • History: it is necessary to find out all you can about the history of the golf cart to determine its quality. Inquire whether it has been in previous accidents and whether there are any other issues that you should know before the purchase.
  • Age: the older a cart is, the more repairs it will require. In other words, older machines are costlier to maintain. Ideally, choose machines that are not very old as they will be in better condition than very old.

Wrapping up

There are various golf cart brands and models on the market, and your ideal choice is the one that fulfills your needs. For example, you can choose to go the custom way with ACG brand or the conventional and popular golf carts like Yamaha.

Either way, you will have the option to choose between gas and electric golf carts. However, more and more people are choosing to go the sustainable and eco-friendly way with electric golf carts, but that does not mean the gas models are not any better.

Gas golf carts are for those that need speed and power. Essentially, gas golf carts are more powerful and with more speed than their electric counterparts.

Regardless of whether you go for electric or gas, it is always wise to choose a favorite brand like Club Car or EZ Go.

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