Best Golf Irons for Beginners Reviews and Buying Guide of 2024

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If you are coming back from a long break of playing golf, several things will surprise you, and among them are changes that the golf club has gone through.

You have to give it to technology for making the current golf clubs better and more efficient.

The contemporary golf irons boast better forgiveness and distance. Therefore, they are more comfortable to use and durable. As a beginner, your main goal is to find a golf iron to help you grow into the game, and become a pro like the rest of the gang.

But how do you find the best golf club for your level of play?

We have taken it upon ourselves to do some bit of work and test various products on the market to present you the best golf irons for beginners. have a look!

Our Pick of Top-Rated Golf Iron for Beginners

The Callaway steelhead XR individual iron is a golf club in a class of its own. As a beginner, you are after a golf iron that boasts a significant amount of forgiveness to make you accurate even when you mishit. Callaway Steelhead XR 16 6 Iron, Graphite, Regular

The large sweet spot and face cup technology affords you a decent amount of forgiveness. You can, therefore, have better hits, and achieve the distance and the speeds to make your competitors, envious. It is always crucial that the golf iron is user-friendly, and that is what Callaway steelhead XR is all about.

The improved design makes this golf iron, better in terms of distance, power, and Control. Distribution of weight around the perimeter makes it user-friendly, and quite efficient. The handling is above board.

For the perfect feel and sound, the golf iron incorporates a steel-infused polyurethane layer. This reduces vibration, and the resulting sound, as well as the feeling, is exceptional.

5 best golf irons for beginners’ reviews

Every beginner golfer will need irons that help them grow their skills in the game. Towards that goal, there are specific characteristics that make a particular golf iron better than the rest.

In the following discussion of the best golf irons for beginners, we are going to highlight these features to make your decision-making process, more manageable.

TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set

TaylorMade Men's Steel AW 4 PW M2 Iron(Right, Stiff)

TaylorMade men’s M2 golf iron set is from a reliable brand, and you can be sure of getting the best quality on the market.

One of the top features associated with the golf iron is the distance that you can achieve with it.

 Better Hitting Distance

Everybody, including the beginners, desires the capability to achieve better distances on the golf course. It is not every golf iron set you’ll find on the market has this capability to help you hit long distances.

However, this golf iron set will gradually help you hit better and improve your reach as well as the speed.

Even better, you can hit a better distance without sacrificing trajectory.

As a result, it is ideal for recreational players — not just beginners.


Forgiveness is one quality that will help beginners, and recreational players achieve a better distance and improve on their game. Therefore, if you are thinking about improving your game, then this golf iron will help you do just that.

If you are currently struggling with the swing speed, this golf iron will help in that regard. The higher trajectory combined with better forgiveness is the right combo for a beginner.

Sometimes, even the professionals will need to improve on their swing speed, and this golf iron will help you achieve that.

Of course, it’s possible to get rusty in your game, especially when you take an extended period off the game. You may still have it, but you will need to find new skills.

Improved Design

The improved design has a better feel and control for any level of player. However, it is most appropriate for higher and mid-cap players.

The overall design of the golf iron is not so bad, and it has some touch of modern appeal that will boost your confidence as you play.

Better looking golf clubs are always better when it comes to playing your game, and improving on it. You will notice that it has a specific positive impact on the mind, and you can focus on being the best on the grass.

The geo-acoustic engineering and the faces slot are other great features that make this iron among the best. Face slots are solely responsible for controlling the ball even when you mishit.

Most beginners will have this problem, but the right golf iron can help you move past it.

The speed pocket improves the launch angle by enhancing flexibility. Pro golfers will tell you that it is the little things in the design of the iron that play some of the most critical roles in your game, and the speed pocket is among them.

The feature will also help you improve on the speeds, and you can finally enjoy your performance on the golf course. You don’t have to lag ever again.

Exceptionally Weighted

The weight of the iron is at the sole as opposed to the hosel. You can, therefore, achieve higher launch angles because of the low center of gravity. The result is also faster speeds that make you a better player on the green.

Admittedly, everyone wants to improve on their game and have fun while at it. Exceptionally weighted iron is easy to use and fun as well. It is always fun when you are efficient in your game, don’t you think so?

It is also vital to note that the golf iron does not have any complicated parts that will have a learning curve. You cannot practice how to play a good game when there is a steep learning curve on how to use the golf iron. simplicity in a product is always the key.

Improved Ball Speed

Thanks to the Thick-thin Fluted Hosel that is 3 grams less in terms of mass, the M2 has an improved ball speed compared to its counterparts in the market. The 360 degree undercut is another essential feature that enhances your overall game, and most importantly, you have a better ball trajectory and speed.

The inverted cone technology is another feature on the M2, and which plays a vital role in the improved speeds. You can, therefore, push the limits of the distance to outplay your rivals, comfortably.


  • You can use the golf iron to hit better distances but not at the expense of trajectory
  • It has better forgiveness than most to help you improve on your game
  • The irony is easy-to-use
  • It does not have complicated parts
  • Exceptionally weighted iron
  • Exceptionally engineered faces slots to collect the mishits
  • Better trajectory and ball speed


  • For some people, the head is more substantial and bigger
  • Some amateurs may find it challenging to hit many shots with it Because of the more weighted sole

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher HB Iron Set (Set of 7 total clubs: Graphite, Regular, Left Hand, 4-PW)

One of the essential benefits of buying golf irons in a set is that you save on the overall price. It is cheaper to buy a set as opposed to buying one at a time. It is the economies of large-scale, and you should make the most of it.


The set of eight clubs has a variety of golfing irons that accommodate your needs sufficiently. You have everything in a single place, and you can finally focus on the game of golf.

All the golf clubs in the set have a solid feel that makes your game exciting. You feel more confident using the iron set. Another factor that you are going to love is the sound it produces an impact. It is lovely, and it encourages you to play more and better.

Only particular golf irons produce the enticing sound that professionals love so much. You will also adore it as you develop your skills.


You have the choice between the true temper Steel and Miyazaki graphite. Typically, this gives you the freedom of choosing the most appropriate golf iron for a particular game.

As a beginner, you will need this option to determine which is the best for you.

Whatever your choice, both the true-temper steel and Miyazaki graphite are durable and lightweight. That means you can use the set for a considerable amount of time, and that saves you money in the long run.

Even better, they are available in three main flex options. They are regular, senior, and stiff. Yes, you are a beginner, but having the three options gives you the flexibility to determine which is the most appropriate for your style.

Hollow construction 

One of the characteristic features of Cleveland Golf iron set is the 100% hollow construction that redistributes the weight deep and low. As a result, you have a better balance and control.

The redistribution of the weight also has a significant effect on the forgiveness of the golfing iron. that translates to a better distance and speed. You will find that the redistribution of weight is the difference between a better golf iron and one that is not so good.

It also has a larger sweet spot which, when combined in the hollow construction affords you better forgiveness, distance, and speed. That means you don’t need to be 100% accurate with your shots to achieve the desired speed and distance.

You will appreciate the fact that there is some learning curve to becoming a pro, but a large sweet spot gives you the capability of hitting like a pro.

HiBore Crown

The golf iron set has a low center of gravity, thanks to the HiBore Crown. You can, therefore, enjoy better launch and speed to make you a better player on the greens.

Progressive Shaping

The golf iron set has both short and long varieties that you need in your game. In particular, the shorter iron is pretty much like the traditional game improvement varieties, and they have improved control.

The long iron with a traditional hybrid appearance is for better launch and distance. You will need both the short and the long golf irons for efficiency on the grass.

High Strength Face

The steel inserts on the face are what gives the golf irons their characteristic speeds that are better than everyone else.

It is always where the ball makes contact that determines the speed. It is this feature that allows the face of the golf iron to flex appropriately, and achieve the speeds and distance that you desire.

We might as well mention that the high steel strength face enhances the durability of the golf iron. you are going to miss the golf ball severally before you learn how to do it, and it is vital that the clubface is robust enough to take the significant amount of abuse associated with it.


  • Comes as a set for versatility
  • It is cheaper to buy as a set
  • A fully hollow construction for better balance and forgiveness
  • A low COG for a better launch and speed
  • High-strength steel inserts that flex the face for better speeds
  • Progressive shaping for control and distance
  • Available in durable, true temper steel and Miyazaki graphite
  • The set has three main flex options
  • An enticing sound and solid feel


  • The brand is a bit expensive compared to the others on the market
  • It may not produce straight shots for some people

Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron

Callaway Steelhead XR 16 6 Iron, Graphite, Regular

The steelhead XR boasts improved playability, durability, and exceptional beauty. In terms of aesthetics, the Callaway steelhead XR is the Ferrari in the world of golf.

But are they are among the best golf irons ever?

Improved steelhead XR

The selling point of the Callaway steelhead XR individual iron is the steelhead XR. It has this breathtaking beauty, but more importantly, it is quite functional.

The iconic shape of the steelhead gives the individual iron an unmatched efficiency and speed. The breakthrough technology ensures more distance, power, and control.

Better ball speed and distance

The use of 360 face Cup technology, makes the steelhead quite efficient in flexing and promoting better distances, and accuracy. Even better, the flex produced by the face cup technology also ensures better speeds and improved range.

It does not matter whether you are accurate or not, as you can achieve the distance and speed even with the off-center hits.


Thanks to the 360 face cup technology, the golf iron has better forgiveness, and you can achieve a reasonable distance and speed even with the off-center hits.

The distribution of the weight around the perimeter of the head is also responsible for improved forgiveness and speed. Undoubtedly, Callaway utilizes an innovative technology that most beginners in the find helpful.

The large sweet spot is hard to miss, and that is music to beginners and another level of players. It is therefore not unusual to find professionals as well as mid-level players using the golf iron.

Sound and feel

The excellent sound and feel associated with the Callaway steelhead XR comes from the steel infused polyurethane layer. This material absorbs the unnecessary impact and sound to produce a low and exciting sound. You can never have enough of it once you start using the golf iron.

The polyurethane layer is also responsible for the perfect feel of hitting the golf ball that you get. This infusion of Steel COG promotes faster ball speeds, and distance while also ensuring durability.

Speed and launch

The distributed weight around the perimeter and the steel infused CG promotes faster ball speeds and better distance. Also, the low center of gravity improves the launch and speed. The better launch characteristics is fitting for a wide range of players, and as a beginner, you are going to love the golf iron.

Bore-Thru Hosel

This is an innovative and unique feature that contributes to improved efficiency of the golf iron. Specifically, the feature reduces the amount of mass around the hosel, which moves to the perimeter of the head for improved forgiveness.

The improved forgiveness is better for all levels of players, and especially the beginners.  Bore-Thru Hosel also improves the launch, and you can achieve better distance, as well as the speed.

No doubt that novices will have many off-center hits, but the improved forgiveness will still come to the rescue, and you can outplay your rivals. There’s nothing sweeter than having a golf iron that covers for your mistakes.

But the main idea is that the golf club will help you grow into the game, and enjoy recreational golf during your free time.


The good thing is that the shaft is available in both the steel and graphite. Therefore, you have the option of choosing between the stability and strength associated with the steel shafts or the flexibility and lightweight design of the graphite,


You may think that the exceptional quality and the innovative features associated with this golf iron makes it quite expensive. In contrast, it is quite affordable. To put it in another way, it is almost like a discount considering the brand.

It is typical for beginners to exercise caution when purchasing products that they are going to use for the first time, especially for a newfound hobby or game.


  • Improved steelhead XR for more distance power and Control
  • The individual iron is quite attractive
  • Incorporate 360 face Cup technology for better distances and accuracy
  • Distribution of the weight around the perimeter gives it better forgiveness
  • Steel infused polyurethane layer that produces the low and soft sound that most people love
  • Better launch characteristics for speed and distance
  • Improved forgiveness which is better for novices
  • It is available in both steel and graphite
  • A large sweet spot that is almost impossible to miss


  • Some golfers may find it too lightweight for comfort

Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Individual Iron

Callaway Rogue 3 Iron, Left Handed, Graphite, Stiff

Distance, accuracy, and playability are the three factors that are most important and should be in golf irons for beginners. The Callaway golf 2018 men’s Rogue comes with various features that help beginners improve on their game.

But what are the features does this individual iron have?


The aesthetics on this golf iron are quite exceptional. It creates a nice feeling to carry it around and use it on the golf course. You will have to admit that the multi-material construction has this sophisticated look that makes you feel good when playing.

Ball Speed and Distance

The combination of Variable Face Thickness (VFT) and 360 face cup technology is quite innovative. It expands the face of the golf iron to ensure maximum speed and distance.

There’s a flexible and shallow rim on the perimeter of the face to ensure a decent amount of bounce to propel the ball farther after you make the hit. The Variable Face Thickness (VFT) also contributes to the improved ball speeds, even with off-center hits.

The multi-materials and combination of contemporary technology indicate that the company took a different path to ensure functionality. In using the industry-leading technology, the design of the golf iron is exceptional and geared to helping you reach new heights in golf playing.

The combination of playability, distance and speed is above board, and most appropriate for various levels of players. It would not be a surprise to continue using the golf iron even after becoming a pro.

It is imperative to consider the variable face thickness and the 360 face Cup technology combine to ensure accuracy, and therefore, you have much forgiveness. The off-center hits that you are going to make will not be terrible to affect your efficiency. You will still be in the game despite your scruples, and that is not a bad thing, especially as a beginner.

Always, the equipment available on the market should be user-friendly even for beginners, and that is what this golf iron is all about.

Feel and Sound

Another vital feature of optimal flight and control is the Internal Standing Wave.

In particular, a weighting method that affects spin, feel, and launch. In simpler terms, the technology employs a slim and flat piece of metal to conveniently reposition the center of gravity for maximum launch and pleasurable play.

This very same feature reduces vibration, and you don’t feel uncomfortable after every hit. Additionally, the resulting sound is what we can refer to as alluring.

If you are going to play golf for competitive games or leisure, this golf iron is going to help you enjoy the game to the maximum.

Tungsten Weighting

The tungsten weighting employed is accurate and makes it possible to place the center of gravity conveniently at specific places on the long irons. As a result, you enjoy extraordinary control and distance.

Tungsten is double the weight of iron, and that makes it possible to concentrate the weight in particular areas effectively. The material does not need so much space, and you can focus on small edges.

The company uses an innovative technology referred to as Metal Injection Molding, where they use powdered metal to create particular parts with exceptional accuracy. The resulting weight is accurate and extraordinary, and you will love how the golf iron feels.

Also, the positioning of a large amount of weight in a small space is possible and creates the desired effect for the best results as a golfer.

Urethane Microspheres

The advantage of a thin clubface is exceptional speed and distance. However, it creates a vibration that produces an uncomfortable noise that some people may not like.

This club iron features urethane microspheres that create a comfortable sound that many people like. It does not have a lot of vibration, and it allows for easier handling. Using golf iron becomes an exciting and comfortable experience.

The use of standard urethane on the face of the club can affect the flex and the distance. However, the golf iron uses a different kind of urethane that is elastic for the best flex, and overall range.


  • Outstanding aesthetics that involves the multi-material construction
  • A combination of variable face thickness and 360 face Cup technology for maximum speed and distance
  • Also features improved ball speeds even with off-center hits
  • Tungsten weighting that allows for placement of CG on particular places of the long iron
  • Urethane microspheres that produce a comfortable and smooth sound
  • It employs a flexible type of urethane to avoid affecting the flex


  • People used to a hybrid base may not find this golf iron easy-to-use
  • There is a learning curve for some people before they can use this golf iron

TaylorMade Golf 2018 MCGB Men’s Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf MCGB Men's Iron Set (Set of 8 total clubs: Graphite Regular Flex 5-PW AW SW Iron Set, Right Hand)

One of the essential qualities of a decent golf iron is its ability to ensure a perfect hit in terms of speed and distance. TaylorMade is a top brand in the market of golf clubs, and you can be sure that this golf iron is of exceptional quality.

Face Design

Over the years, the face design of some of the top golf iron brands has been changing for the better, and TaylorMade is no exception.

The first design of this golf iron is what gives it the exceptional feel, and quality of play.

The design pushes the ball speed and distance to the higher limits to make you a better player on the green.

What makes you a good player comes down to the ball speed and the distance you can manage. And while these capabilities are some of the things that you learn with time, a well-designed golf iron can help you achieve your goal of becoming better.

CG Placement

In the past, there was nothing like CG placement technology. However, the top brands in golf irons have come to realize the effect that’s CG placement has on ball trajectory and spin.

When it comes to golfing, the CG or the center of gravity is where the manufacturer concentrates all the weight to affect performance. In this product, the placement of the center of gravity is what makes it efficient. It has a better feel and is easy to handle.

The weighting is on four points at the rear of the club, and it is low, as well as deep. The result of the low and deep weighting is exceptional performance. You achieve outstanding stability upon impact, and that is what control on the golf course is all about.

The low center of gravity also positively affects the launch conditions. That means better launch conditions translates to a better game on the golf course.

It only weighs 6.5 pounds, and which is not so bad, especially for beginners.

Distance and speed

The distance and speed associated with this golf iron are top notches.

A high COR on the product is entirely consistent and is the feature responsible for the high speed and distance – at least it plays a critical role.

But you may be wondering what a high COR is all about, and what role it plays in ensuring that you are efficient on the golf course.

COR refers to the transfer of energy from one object to the other. When it comes to golfing, a high COR means that there is a transfer of power from the golf club to the ball, and you can achieve maximum distance, and, of course, speed.

However, the COR is within the USGA regulations, and you can use it comfortably in various golf courses in the United States. According to the rules, anything above  0.830 in terms of COR is not within the rules, and you may not use the golf iron for competitive games.

The good thing about the high COR is that you can manage explosive distances even with a short iron. of course, that is always confidence-building, and you can be the best among your peers, and of course, that’s the main idea.

You will notice that the clubface is ultra-thin, and that has a particular purpose. The ultra-thin clubface contributes to better ball speeds and efficiency in your shots. But the feature does not work alone to ensure optimal speeds.

It has a speed pocket that which together with the ultra-thin clubface ensures faster ball speeds even on weak strikes.

Some quarters may refer to the feature as forgiveness, but the main idea is to help your game improve over time. With an excellent golf iron, you can be efficient, when you achieve faster ball speeds, regardless of your player level.

But talking of forgiveness, the placement of the center of gravity, and thin clubface among other features ensure that this golf iron is easy to use for any level of player. It has a decent amount of forgiveness for accuracy in terms of distance and speeds even during mishits.


  • Exceptional CG placement for the best ball trajectory and spin
  • Multi-material construction to ensure the right effect on the ball
  • The golf iron is good looking
  • A high COR for a better distance
  • Weighting is low and deep for outstanding control
  • Faster ball speeds even with weak strikes


  • It is not a cheap golf club set
  • It may take time to get used to them

What to Look For while Buying the Best Golf Irons for Beginners

As a beginner, it might be a little tough to choose the most appropriate golf iron for you. But as they say, nothing is unmanageable, especially if you have the right information on your Fingertips. in other words, choosing the best golf iron is a walk in the park if you know what to look for.

So, which is this information we are talking about?

callway driver

General Appearance

They say that beauty is ‘in the eye of the beholder.’ But we all have common perspectives of beauty, at least in the majority of the cases. That is why your parents told you stories about beauty, wisdom, and hard work.

An attractive Golf Club has a specific psychological effect, and it is quite motivating. Your rivals in the golf course may feel a bit intimidated if you have an exceptionally looking Golf Club, and that is a good thing.

Therefore it is always better to consider the aesthetics on a particular product as it can be the difference between success or otherwise on the golf course.

You will have to admit that in the last few years, the aesthetics on golf clubs have improved significantly. Ideally, you should also choose an attractive golf club that compliments your style and that of the environment you will be playing.


There is no harm in buying a sophisticated golf club if it is going to improve your game. But as a beginner, choosing a sophisticated golf club can work against you.

Essentially, advanced iron is most appropriate for professionals in the game – people that have several years, and have accumulated a significant amount of experience, and the advanced golf club will only improve their skills.

It is normal to have the desire to impress others with your current buy, but always think about your level of skill before making any significant decisions. Typically, choose a user-friendly golf club to help develop your skills gradually and surely.

It is alright to start with game improvement irons, and then move from there as you grow into the game. You have to realize that we all start from somewhere, and no one starts as a pro.

Old vs. New

It is not once or twice that you are going to find beginners playing golf with their old man’s clubs. And while doing that may save them from spending some cash, it may not be the best thing.

You see, golf clubs are continuously changing and improving, and using your old man’s clubs maybe retrogressive, and you may not achieve anything.

Your rivals with better clubs will outplay you, and it can be quite discouraging. Plus, they will not be easy to use. Current golf irons are better, durable, and efficient, and your old man’s club may not be up to the task.

The best value golf irons are available on the market, and they incorporate unique features that are necessary for the contemporary game.

Regular vs. stiff shaft

The swing speed is something that you are going to have to develop over time. It is not something that you learn overnight, like a word in a foreign language. In the world of golf, there’s a regular and a stiff shaft, depending on your swing speed.

But as a beginner, which is the most appropriate for you?

Typically, the regular shaft is for people with slower swing speed, and the stiff shaft as for the fast swing speeds. As a novice, you are going to have a slow swing speed, and that is quite ok. That means you don’t go jumping on the stiff shaft just yet.

Give yourself some time to develop, and it will be all good for you.

Spin Rate, Ball Speed and Club Speed

As a beginner, these are the factors that you are going to look at to get the most appropriate golf club for you. The ball speed determines how clean your hit is going to be, and it should be as high as possible.

On the other hand, the club speed is the speed at which the iron moves. The construction of the golf club pretty much determines the club speed, and it should be decent to have a better spin rate. But what is the spin rate?

The spin rate is one of the most important factors to consider as it determines ball control. A better spin rate means better control and vice versa.

Unfortunately, it is only the blade club that has a better spin rate, which is pretty much, unlike the game improvement clubs. As a learner, the game improvement clubs are better, even at the cost of spin rate, and ball control. You can’t have the whole lot at the same time.

The Type

Novices will require golf clubs with improved distance and forgiveness.

No doubt your swing speed and accuracy will need to grow, and it is always wise to choose the irons that help you achieve just that. We are talking about game improvement irons that have those particular features to help you grow into the game.

Unfortunately, the game improvement irons do not boast a better ball spin and control, some of the features that pro golfers take advantage of, to outplay less experienced players.

But since you are not ready for the more competitive games, opt for the game improvement irons.

The player’s clubs or blade usually have a small sweet spot and are quite thin. They are less chunky and require the players to be accurate in their shots. Accuracy is not a strong point for beginners, and it is the type of clubs with little forgiveness will be very difficult to use for beginners. As we say in the streets, stick to your lane.

The Materials

Which is better between cast iron and forged iron? Typically, this is one of the questions that you are likely to encounter in the golfing circles, and it is a debate that has been ongoing for some time.

Forged iron involves hammering a rough-shaped metal into shape just like you see medieval blacksmiths do in the movies. It happens. The hammered club head then undergoes various finishing touches in the form of grinding, polishing, and milling.

When picking the best irons for beginners, the forged method is better when dealing with one piece of material. Some purists in the game are of the idea that the forged iron has a better feel and control. But that is up for debate.

The cast iron method is the most appropriate for complex shapes that involve multiple materials at the same time. The process involves pouring liquid metal into a mold.

In that regard, the cast-iron method is better when dealing with multi-materials, plus it is quite cheap. And that means the cast-iron heads are affordable, and they may be appropriate for beginners. of course, beginners are quite skeptical when it comes to spending money on expensive equipment for a new hobby or game.

Even the best irons for seniors can have multi-materials to incorporate specific features that make them user-friendly for the category of player. The use of various materials makes it possible to customize according to the diverse needs of the golfer.

As it is with technology, the iron casting method is getting better, and catching up with forged iron.

But if you’re looking for the one piece of solid iron, then the forged iron method is the way to go. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the cast iron method as the use of multi-materials is improving, and it may allow for better forgiveness.


Which are the common categories of golf iron?
  • Game-improvement iron: the first category, and which is quite crucial for beginners is the game improvement iron. It is most appropriate for players that have a handicap of between 5 and 25. The toplines and sole are thinner, and the cavity line is smaller.
  • Cavity Back/ Max Game-Improvement Irons: In the back of the club head of the cavity back is a hollow cavity. The top lines and sole are more significant than the standard game improvement irons and hence has better forgiveness. However, the irons are most appropriate for players with a handicap of above 25.
  • Blades/ Player’s Iron: These are most appropriate for handicap players with a single digit or more accurately, below 5. It is the golf iron for the professionals. Typically, the blades do not have a cavity and have a flat back.

They are also less forgiving, and any beginner golfer may find it hard to use. On the other hand, they have better control and feel. Don’t be tempted to jump the line, and go for blades – it may be discouraging if you decide to do so.

The main focus for you should be on the game improvement irons that are most suitable for players with a handicap or between 5 and 25. Leave the players iron for now.

Can I still use the game improvement irons even after becoming a pro?

Ideally, the game improvement irons are the best for players with a handicap of around 25 and below. But if you are above 25, you may want to settle for cavity back irons based on their better forgiveness to improve your game.

Still, you will find professionals with a handicap of below 5 using the game improvement irons.

But why don’t they upgrade to the better blade irons?

Well, the reason for sticking with game improvement irons even after becoming a pro is because of the shot shaping abilities, control, and the feel. The contemporary game improvement irons are better than in the past, and technology has made it possible with this traditional beginner iron to close the gap with the blades.

As a result, it is not unusual or uncommon to find professional golfers using game improvement irons because of the forgiveness and better consistency. they don’t want to lose these qualities just yet. The best golf irons for high handicappers may not incorporate a similar level of forgiveness.

Therefore, you can still use the game improvement irons even after becoming a pro.

Wrapping up

There are numerous golf irons on the market that claim to be the best for beginners. However, that is, unfortunately, not the case. The best golf irons for beginners have special features, pretty much like our top choice, Callaway steelhead XR.

It is user-friendly with such features as a large sweet spot and a significant amount of forgiveness. The golf iron is aesthetically appealing, and the sound it produces is not so bad.

It is comfortable, and handling the golf iron makes you better with every game you play.

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