Best Golf Balls for Beginners Reviews And Buying Guide Of 2024

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As a high handicapper or beginner, you are going to need golf balls designed for your level to grow and improve into the game.

It is not every golf ball out there that is going to work for you. Well, you need something that is going to work well on chip shots and spins.

A stable ball flight and faster speeds are other desirable qualities that you should keep an eye out for, that is if you want the best golf balls for beginners.

Our Pick Of Top Rated Golf Ball For Beginners

There is always safety in choosing a top brand. Talking of top brands, Titleist seats comfortably at the top, but we are not talking about the brand alone here.

Well, Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls are more than that. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls, White, High Play Numbers (5-8), One Dozen

As a beginner, you want to achieve the best control, and the good news is that you can achieve that with this set of the best Titleist golf balls.

Typically, it has a urethane elastomer cover that attains a balance between a soft feel and distance. The cover is about 17% thinner, and that works magic on short-game shots and approach shots.

The balls have better consistent speed and distance with a high trajectory. The package has the most excellent combination to help you learn the ropes and consistently score high.

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10 Best Beginner Golf Ball Reviews

Apart from the golf driver, the type of golf ball that you choose can pretty much determine your performance on the golf course.

We understand that as a beginner, you need a bit of holding of the hands to figure out the best golf ball for you.

That is exactly what we are going to do in the following reviews.

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls


Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls, (One Dozen), White

Undoubtedly, Callaway golf balls are some of the best on the market. It is one of the brands in the market to reckon with in terms of quality and performance.

But what is there to applaud about the Callaway supersoft golf balls?

Well, the golf balls have cutting-edge features that will help you as a beginner to learn the ropes and enjoy every game in the golf course. The top-quality technology employed provides a soft experience and greater distance that you will appreciate as you grow into the game.

It is among the qualities that will keep you going to become a pro, which is the ultimate goal.

In our opinion, it may be one of the softest balls that you are going to encounter, and that is a good thing, especially as a beginner. The balls contain a superior core with reduced spinning at a rapid pace. This translates to a long straight flight, which draws you closer to the ultimate goal.

And to contribute to the softness of the ball, the unit employs the latest trionorma method with a little more gentleness than the competition.

It is just the type of golf ball that you are looking for as a beginner. You will notice that the golf balls are also budget-friendly, considering the cutting edge features that you get.

The golf balls are best for slow to moderate swing speed.

The various golf balls reviews will tell you that it is a great product. What other better way is there to determine the quality of a product than the reviews of the users?

Of course, they know best, and you want the best.


  • Cutting edge features to help you as a beginner golfer
  • Soft experience and greater distance
  • Budget-friendly given the features
  • Appropriate for any level of golfer
  • Polished appealing appearance
  • Excellent customer service


  • The golf balls may be too soft for some people

Wilson Sporting Goods Smart Core Golf

Wilson Sporting Goods Smart Core Golf Ball - Pack of 24 (White)

The brand of golf balls makes it to the top on several occasions, and it’s all thanks to a focus on quality. But you may ask, what makes them a good choice for beginners?

Well, for starters, the smart core golf ball reacts to the action of the golfer, and you can say that it is a bit forgiving. That means you don’t have to have the best swing speed to pull it off in the golf course. Typically, this is one ability that impresses your friends, and you quickly become a good sport.

You get better accuracy and low speed with faster clubhead speeds. You also get good results with shorter shots, and that is the way to go. Furthermore, the lower speed provides for better control.

You also have better accuracy and distance than the average golf balls that you find in most golf courses. It also has a durable exterior, and you will use it for a long time to come.

As a beginner, you need something that is going to provide better distance and comfortable handling, and that is exactly what you get.

For short shots, you get more spin and, therefore, better accuracy. It is an intelligent distance ball that you’re going to enjoy using, and the best part is that it is affordable. You will not need to spend everything that you have to acquire it.

The golf ball also has an appealing design, and the imprinted name of the brand is a welcome addition. Class and style are always apparent in the game of golf. It is only 2.2 lbs and within the allowed limit for competition.


  • The golf ball technology reacts well to the swing speed
  • Better control as a result of reduced speed
  • Durable cover and you will use it for longer
  • Short shots with more spin for better accuracy
  • Appealing design


  • A good number of users say that it does not have the best distance

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls 2650

Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, Dozen Slide Pack, White - WGWP17002

You can easily tell that this is a good quality pack of golf balls by the rave reviews on the online marketplace Amazon. Each of the golf balls on the pack of 12 comes with a highly responsive composite cover responsible for the good results on the golf course.

Typically, the brand has successfully found a balance between a soft feel and explosive distance for any level of user.

Many beginners want something comfortable on the hands, and with good distance. The core of the golf balls contains rubber chemistry to achieve a softer feel for all levels of users.

According to the company, the golf balls are up to 22% softer than the competition, and you couldn’t ask for more. Another important feature is the shallow and flat bottomed dimples for the best performance on air. It penetrates well to go the distance, and you can improve on your performance gradually.

The unique feature allows it to perform significantly well in the air, and you don’t have to complain about the wind. You may notice that the balls have a plastic side pack for enhanced durability. That means the golf balls will be around for longer.

What that means is that the balls will not split or scratch like some of the others you tried at the local golf course.

Each of the balls weighs 1.4 lbs and which is within the requirements. The ball conforms with the USGA and you can use it in competitions. It is also one of the best for practice to grow your skills. Of course, we all start somewhere, and you need the best tools to help you achieve something.

The balls are a two-piece distance ball and therefore designed for both beginners and professionals.


  • Quite affordable
  • Responsive cover for good performance
  • Comfortable to use and with a good distance
  • Unique dimples to penetrate the air
  • Two-piece distance ball
  • Reduced hooks and slices


  • The distance and feel is not pretty much like that of the other premium options

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls, White, High Play Numbers (5-8), One Dozen

Titleist is a top brand in the market of golf balls and associated with top golfers. It is a brand for golfers that want nothing but the best in terms of quality.

You can achieve the best scoring control, no matter your experience, thanks to the urethane elastomer cover. According to the manufacturer, the cover is up to 17% thinner, and that enhances the performance of the golf ball. The thickness of the cover is especially ideal for short game shots and approach shots.

The reduced cover thickness retains the spin and control for added speed. Some will argue that the thin cover will affect the speed, but that is not the case. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls have better speed and distance with high trajectory and consistent speed.

Pro V1 and Pro V1x are particularly for the golfers looking for the best bridge between distance and soft handling.

The golf balls have a soft feel, and they somehow have an attractive design. In fact, most users are quick to notice that the 2019 version has a softer feel than the other versions.

We have to say that it is also a better golf ball than most of the other premium brands on the market.

Typically, you will be looking to shoot lower scores, and the average golf balls can do so much. Various users of the Pro V1x have nothing but good things to say towards that goal.

The large casing layers provide for more speeds and reduced spin. It is a blend of the most advanced combination to achieve the best scores on the golf course.


  • A top brand with the best experience
  • Thin cover for the best performance
  • Best for short game shots and approach shots
  • A decent distance on the golf course
  • The 2019 version has a softer feel than the other versions


  • A few have complained about the packaging

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SOFT Golf Balls, White, Soft (Dozen Golf Balls)

The Bridgestone E6 is a great golf ball, especially if you are a beginner and looking to grow into the game.

As you are going to notice, these golf balls have the best performance balance off the tee. And the best part is that the golf balls are affordable. of course, that is because their performance can match that of other premium brands.

Despite the price tag, they are state-of-the-art golf gear with the best results on the golf course. You don’t have to spend a significant amount to get a decent golf ball for beginners, and these units are a testament to that.

It comes with a 3-piece design incorporating a soft gradational core, anti-spin mantle coating, and Surlyn cover. This design intended to make it soft on all strikes, and it achieves that effortlessly. We can say that it has a signature soft feel on the iron and wedge.

The good thing is that it does not compromise the speed, which we have to admit is quite revolutionary.

Another thing that you are going to love is the improved launch and speed as a result of the reduced driver spin. The stopping power is also better, regardless of whether you are using the iron or wedge.

The soft feel high-performance golf ball is quite excellent on the green, and several beginners can achieve a straight strike.

Apart from the fantastic soft feel, the golf balls feature a Delta Dimple pattern for smooth flights. It wonderfully resists wind to achieve a straight distance, which is the goal of most people.

The straighter flight trajectory, combined with low driver spin and high launch, makes it ideal for low swing golfers.


  • Best performance balance off the tee
  • They are quite affordable
  • 3-piece design for a soft feel on all strikes
  • Improved launch and speed
  • A fantastic soft feel
  • Delta Dimple pattern for smooth flights


  • May not be the best on approach shots

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls, Lime (One Dozen)

Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball underscore German technology and their focus to quality. But before anything, it is important to note that the golf balls are ideal for a swing speed that is between medium and high.

Of course, as a beginner, you can pretty much fall between this category, and so you don’t need to worry about anything.

But we would like to recommend that you test a variety of balls before you pick a particular golf ball pack. It is always helpful to know which category of golf balls is most appropriate for you.

Well, we can say that these German golf balls are some of the cheap options on the market for regular players. No need to worry about compromising playability.

At half price and similar performance to that of the top dogs, we can pretty much say that this is a good option for many people.

The fourth layer on the golf balls allows for low driver spin and launch. It has all the tech to make you a pro gradually. Some players report that it has a springy feel and a catapult effect to indicate good compression. It may feel a bit less forgiving, but that is not something you cannot live with.

The urethane cover has a firmer feel, and regular x ballplayers will pretty much feel at home. Some users feel that it is not the best for short games, but you can learn to strike and drive it appropriately. You can work on lowering the ball flight, and everything will be good.


  • The golf balls are best for swing speeds of between medium and high
  • Fourth layer that allows low driver spin and launch
  • The firmer feel of the urethane cover makes it great for x ballplayers
  • The golf balls are affordable
  • Good compression effect
  • They spin competitively on the green


  • May not be the best for short games
  • You may need an above-average swing speed

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

If you have a driving distance of fewer than 125 yards, then we can comfortably say that Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are your thing.

Unlike in the past, where the distinction between the hard for distance and soft golf balls was not clear cut, things are different today, thanks to innovation and technology. These golf balls combine both soft feel and distance for the best results on the golf course.

It has a compression of 71, and therefore pretty much like the multilayer models. The manufacturer recommends a speed of more than 100 mph, but speeds of between 70 and 80 may be sufficient.

That means that you can still enjoy its benefits such as higher launch, improved distance, and minimal sidespin at lower strike speeds.

However, you may need a clubhead speed of more than 110 miles per hour to have a great wedge distance. The soft feel and appearance can comfortably compete with other premium offerings on the market. They make you feel like part and parcel of the High Class golfing market.

Off the driver, the golf balls have a comfortable and satisfying Smush and thump when put. If you are a slower swinger, the soft feel will improve your yardage.

In our opinion, the softness of the balls is in the average when compared with the others on the market. Of course, this is not bad.

The mid-iron and hybrid shots are higher than you may anticipate, and a good thing for learners.

Its accuracy and launch are quite impressive, something that you would expect from the brand.

It is available in Tour yellow and Pure white. But still, the company provides a ladies model. You can say that the golf balls are for everyone.


  • They provide a soft feel combined with good distance
  • Strike speed of between 70 and 80 mph may be sufficient
  • A premium feel and appearance
  • Impressive launch and accuracy


  • You may need a clubhead speed of more than 110 miles per hour to achieve a decent distance
  • Backspin for short iron may not be sufficient

Titleist Velocity Prior Generation Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Prior Generation Golf Balls, White, Standard Digit Numbers (One Dozen)

If your priority is distance as opposed to short game control and a soft feel, then these golf balls are for you. The company’s high-speed LSX core is their fastest mix for low spin and good speeds. Other innovative features include the 328 tetrahedral dimple design for improved aerodynamics.

The improved high flight and speed are the features that make it a desirable golf balls acquisition. And to compensate for the low spinning, they have a steep descent angle.

Still, the golf balls are soft and will still make a good choice for beginners. In terms of durability, the NaZ+ cover provides much of that.

You will get a high flight and long carry to get you closer to your goal. The golf balls land gently on the green, and you will not get a mini heart attack associated with going too off course. You have to agree that it is a revolutionary technology that makes you a better golfer with practice.

Most users report a higher launch and low spin for the longest velocity. It is a golf ball that performs well with irons like the other premium picks on the market. In that regard, you can compare it to Pro V1 and Tour Soft.

On full wedge shots, the balls fly high to stop effectively. And while the improved distance, off the tee, may negatively affect the control on the greens, you can still get good short shots. You only need to adjust for the flight and the landing area, something that you can learn with practice.

The golf balls are available in a variety of colors, such as pink, orange, Visi-White, and white. We especially love Visi-White, which is quite interesting to look at.


  • Ideal golf balls for distance
  • High-speed LSX core for improved speeds
  • 328 tetrahedral dimple design for advanced aerodynamics
  • Higher launch and low spin for the longest velocity
  • Comes in a durable NaZ+ cover
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • May limit control on the greens with the improved distance off the tee

TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls

TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Like most beginners, you are budget conscious and looking for golf balls with a soft feel. The key design in the TaylorMade Project (s) golf balls is a soft feel. The ionomer cover and the softer compression of about 60 plays a critical role in making sure that the ball is soft.

Most other balls on the market usually have urethane cover, which performs better on spin control on short shots, and which is a bit expensive. We feel that the ionomer on these balls is softer, and therefore lives up to the claim.

But apart from the soft feel, the balls feature a Dual-Distance core to reduce the spin.

The overall compression is low to maintain high ball speed and soft feel. But what about the control?

Credit to the soft ionomer cover, the ball has a better feel and control on the greens. Another feature that improves the flight and distance is the high-lift 342LDP dimple pattern. It reduces the drag to achieve better distance.

In particular, the golf balls are most appropriate for players with low swing speed. The low speed and low compression design seem to benefit these types of players.

Some players love the high ball flight and low spin on the iron shots. It keeps moving even in a strong wind, and that means your chances for scoring are high. Compared with other Premium Cover material such as TP5, it does not spin on the green as much.

As such, you need to allow an extra run on the chips and pitches. Furthermore, the 7-iron can give you a few more yards of distance with a more consistent spin rate.


  • The spins may not be quite good around the greens
  • Dual-Distance core for reduced spins
  • Reduced compression for a soft feel
  • Interesting colors to choose from
  • high-lift 342LDP dimple pattern for improved flight and distance


  • It may struggle a bit to spin on the green compared with other premium covers

Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls, Pink (Pack of 15)

As an amateur, the goal is to find softballs, and the distance can come later. Well, that is usually the case for most developing golfers.

You could be different, and in that case, a balance between softballs and distance is always desirable.

There is always comfort in buying from well-known brands. However, you can find that one brand that performs quite well, and that is Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls in this case. Titleist is its more popular sister brand by Acushnet, and so we cannot completely say the brand is very green.

They have been around for some time, and so you can expect good features from this pack. The winning feature for these golf balls is the soft touch sensation on the clubface.

But what about durability?

The balls will not scratch after seven holes like some of its competition on the market. They have a low compression core to keep the spin at a minimum to achieve long distances. Another feature that makes them popular is the faster ball speed and which makes the beginners feel quite capable.

It also has a consistent feel and performance regardless of the club you are using. This is typically not the case with most other golf balls on the market.

The support of the 332 dimples design keeps the ball in a straight line and reduces drag. The three color options that you can choose from including the white with black numbers, white with pink numbers and pink with black numbers. We also love the fact that golf balls are quite affordable.

There are a dozen balls in the package, and so you can be sure that you are getting value.


  • A commendable soft touch sensation on the clubface
  • The balls are durable
  • You have some considerable sense of control
  • Low compression core to reduce spin
  • Three color options to choose from
  • 332 dimples design to keep the ball in a straight line
  • The golf balls are quite affordable


  • You’d not find them in yellow
  • Some say that putting is not quite comfortable

What To Look For While Buying the Best Golf Ball For Beginners

When it comes to golfing ability, we are all different, at least for most. To get the best golf ball for you as a beginner, you must be sure of what you are looking for. Is it speed or handling?

Typically, the golf ball you choose should accommodate your shortcomings or weaknesses.

Cover Composition

The most common covers in contemporary golf balls include polyurethane and surlyn. Between the two materials, surlyn is much firmer and has better performance in terms of distance. On the other hand, polyurethane has better spin and control because it is less firm.

As a beginner, are you looking to improve your distance, or do you want something with a smooth feeling?

Is durability an issue for you?

If it were up to us, we would choose the golf ball with the longest distance. Typically, there should be a balance between a smooth texture and distance, unless you want to end up with the worst golf balls for beginners.

To help you make a better choice, take three or four balls with different cover composition so that you can figure out the most appropriate for you. Lucky for you, we handpicked some of the best golf balls for high handicappers to help you make a choice.


How much a golf ball deflects after striking is the compression, measured between 0 and 200. At 0, the ball deflects about 5 mm or more. Most of them have a compression of between 50 and 100. The ball deforms more upon impact, depending on how low the compression is.

But which compression is most reasonable for a beginner?

If you have a slower swing speed, which is typical of beginners, you need a soft golf ball with low compression. Higher compression is for pros with an improved swing speed than the rest, for control.

But the low compression golf balls are not only for people with low swing speed. People that want a better feel on the golf ball can as well use the low compression types.


The average number of dimples on most golf balls is between 300 and 500. But what are these dimples for? Do they help in any way when golfing?

The main function of the dimples is to smoothen the downward flow of air on the golf ball. This feature helps push the golf balls upward, something comparable to aerodynamics in airplanes. Without a sufficient number of dimples on a particular golf ball, it would not fly in the manner you want it. The golf ball may also not reach the distance or speed to reach the hole.

Dimples reduce the surface area on the golf ball to ensure better performance in the air or rain. Please note that the ball flight diminishes with how deep and small they are. They also have a higher backspin.

But if the dimples are wide and shallow, the launch improves, and the spin rate reduces. Of course, you will agree that the second option is much better, especially if you’re a beginner looking to improve the speed and accuracy of the shots.

You will also notice that they both come in different shapes, such as teardrops, ovals, and circles, among others. However, manufacturers have come to realize that the other shapes apart from the circles do not add any particular benefit.


Among the various construction offerings for golf balls include one-piece which you mostly find in your golf driving range. The one-piece construction varieties are usually the cheapest, and the top cover is normally solid surlyn with molded dimples.

In the majority of the cases, we are not going to find one-piece construction golf balls being sold for use on the golf course.

We also have a more durable surlyn outer cover and acrylate or resin core for two-piece golf balls. They are the type of balls that you can use for several rounds, that is if you don’t keep losing them in the bushes.

What makes them most appropriate for beginners is a good distance, durability, and affordability.

However, the two-piece golf balls don’t have a lot of spins. On the other side of the spectrum are 3-piece golf balls with a solid core, rubber layer in between, and a surlyn or polyurethane outer cover. Unlike the two-piece golf balls, the three-piece are softer and have a better spin.

That means you have better control over the ball, and that is desirable for beginners. They are a good option, especially for people that prefer a softer feeling on the balls.

Lastly, we have the multilayer golf balls with more distance and higher swing speeds than the others. The golf balls can have as many as five layers for different spin rates depending on the club you are using. The inner core provides for a better distance.

The other features of the multilayer golf balls include ultra-thin cover for optimal control and backspin. Unfortunately, they chew quickly and you use several of them on a particular game. Multilayer golf balls are for the best players whose main focus is control rather than distance.


Like most other products on the market, better performance golf balls are a bit expensive than their lower quality peers. Mostly, the multi-piece balls boast a strong distance and excellent feel for any level of player. They are mostly suitable for beginner golfers.

But if your focus is to improve on distance, then the more affordable golf balls will come in handy. They have fewer bells and whistles but will improve handling with the club.


Are soft golf balls good for beginners?

Most novices will be comfortable with soft golf balls because of their low swing speed. You may have a better swing speed, but the soft golf balls are easier to use than the other types, at least for beginners.

Do golf balls make a difference for beginners?

Yes, the type of golf balls that you use can determine your effectiveness and development on the green. For example, mid compression golf balls can be quite ideal for beginners that don’t struggle with distance, and who need a softer feel and better handling. But if you are a pro golfer, the multilayer golf ball will provide better control and better results.

What are the best golf balls for the average golfer?

As an average golfer, the 3-piece golf balls are most suitable. The golf balls provide better spin, good distance, and feel that even beginners will appreciate it. But still, you can try the multilayer golf balls and see how that works for you. The multilayer golf balls have different spins, and the distance is explosive – keep this in mind.

Do range balls fly shorter?

The range balls are not the best for distance. They fly up to 15% shorter, and you will mostly find them on practice ranges. Range balls are not common in competitions, and we can say that they fly shorter. If you have a range ball, concentrate on solid contact and timing as opposed to distance.

What is the ideal weight for golf balls?

The rules of golfing stipulate that the golf balls should not be more than 46 grams. It should not also be any smaller than 42.67 mm.

Which is the best golf ball if I keep losing the ball on 18 holes?

The mid compression golf ball is the best choice for golfers, especially the beginners that don’t struggle for distance.

Are the balls I find in golf courses the same ones used in competitions?

The design of the golf balls that you find in most golf courses is intentionally limited in terms of distance. The logic behind this is the amount of space available in the golf courses. In most cases, it may not be sufficient for the competition golf balls.

Why are dimples on golf balls important?

The dimples on golf balls reduce the surface area and the impact that air has on the golf ball while on the flight. The thin boundary layer created increases distance and reduced drag from the elements. The dimples also produce a better spin and improved results.

Which is the best brand of golf balls for distance?

Various factors will affect the golf balls’ distance, and they include the elements of weather, your swing speed, and the quality of the equipment. Among the popular brands in terms of distance include Bridgestone, Callaway, Srixon, and Titleist.

Wrapping Up

Our choice for the best golf balls for beginners is none other than Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls. It is a simple choice given the advanced features and its overall quality.

For example, the top cover is 17% thinner than the other premium models, and that helps with distance and feel.

Be prepared for the best game shots and approach shots because that is exactly what you get with this brand. We might as well add that the golf balls give you a bit of confidence because it is a top brand with premium features and appearance.

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